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Developed in 1931 by Dr. Thurman Fleet, the Zone Technique—which was originally called Zone Therapy—is based on the notion that there are six potential zones of the body that, when disturbed by emotional, physical, or chemical stressors, can lead to a variety of diseases and discomforts.

In short, the Zone Technique operates on the belief that the body operates like an electrical device. As such, each zone is regulated by a specific center of the brain (formed during the embryonic stage), with each center considered a “positive pole.”

There are also “negative poles” which exist in certain areas of the spinal cord according to Zone methodology. So, if a disturbance exists, the brain’s centers can essentially be “shorted out,” causing them to malfunction.



The 6 Zones


The six zones or systems identified by Dr. Fleet as being critical for optimal health are:


The glandular system. This system involves the pineal gland, pituitary gland, thyroid, uterus and ovaries, prostate and gonads, and several other glands. They are responsible for important bodily functions related memory, energy, appetite regulation, sleep, and relaxation.


The eliminative system. The eliminative system includes all of the organs involved in waste elimination, such as the kidneys, bladders, skin, and lungs. This system is designed to reduce toxin buildup within the body which, in turn, helps strengthen immune function, eases respiratory function, and reduces bloating.


The nervous system. The S. National Library of Medicine explains that the nervous system consists of the brain and spinal cord (the central nervous system) and all of the other nerves (the peripheral nervous system), and that each one responsible for a different function. For instance, some contribute to better mood and improved sleep, whereas others promote eye and ear health or balance the body’s hormones.


The digestive system. The human body needs certain nutrients to survive and the digestive system is responsible for taking these nutrients from the food sources we eat and breaking them down so they are more available for the cells that need them. This helps normalize weight, while also boosting energy.


The muscular system. The muscular system includes muscles, tendons, and ligaments as all of these soft tissues are responsible for helping the body move more freely and without pain or tenderness. This system is also responsible for our strength, flexibility, and ability to retain balance.


The circulatory system. To function efficiently, the body’s cells need to intake nutrients and oxygen and expel waste. The circulatory system assists with this process by circulating blood-based “carriers” responsible for picking up and dropping off these substances, sending them through the body at a normal pressure and rate.

It is the goal of Zone Therapy, then, to take these systems and identify which brain centers are out of sync, causing issues within the body.