Dr. Scott Vautrin

I had been wandering my way through College and was still unsure of what I wanted to do in life. I Took an aptitude test and found healthcare was a strong interest of mine.

having grown up on a rural farm in northern Minnesota my father and mother had always believed in natural means of healing like nutrition, herbs and body work. So, when I looked at the list of healthcare professions I could choose Chiropractic was the only one that resonated with me.

I finally knew what I wanted to do with my life!

During Chirorpactic school I had an opportunity to train with a mentor Dr. Lou Corleto in Johnson City. Dr. Lou inspired me to a career of excellence and serving at a more holistic level engaging spirit, mind and body. A few years later I finished Chiropractic School in Spartanburg, SC and moved to St. George , UT with my wife and son and we soon gave birth to my two daughters.. After 10 years an opportunity came for us to move back to the Appalachians and be closer to our families. I was able to take over stewardship of my mentor Dr. Lous’ practice.

I love to see the, “so called miracles” that occur in my office on a daily basis.

LifeLight Chiropractic

I’ve been a chiropractor for nearly 16 years now. I love to see the, “so called miracles” that occur in my office on a daily basis. Which I really believe we are all capable of tapping into when we restore the natural potential for healing to the mind and body. I want to change the lives and health of the community. I feel blessed beyond measure that I get to serve as I Chiropractor and restore faith in our, “God given” ability to heal not just our bodies but our hearts, minds and lives.

I am excited every day at who’s life will change next as their potential for healing is restored.

LifeLight Chiropractic

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