Cured frozen shoulders

I started getting aches & pains in both shoulders. Dr. Scott was able to relieve the great pain and immobility. Within minutes I was able to bring my arms almost straight up without any pain. The pain and immobility have never returned. Fantastic!
– Sandra W.

Amazing Chiropractic Experience

As a fellow chiropractor, I must say that Dr. Scott is exceptionally gifted. He brings a rare combination of skill and presence to the table. His adjustments are gentle and wonderfully effective. He truly cares and serves from a heart-centered space. I always feel more connected to myself and balanced after a session with him. I live out of town and whenever I’m visiting family I plan my schedule around a visit to LifeLight.
– Amanda B.

Great insight and support!!

Each visit with Dr. Scott is an opening of awareness! He helped me maneuver through the many stages of making the difficult decision to have my hip replaced and since the surgery with insight and support for which I am most grateful! Dr. Scott has a gentle touch and innate knowing of exactly what my body needs…leaving with a more open body and freedom of movement!
– Trini S.


Scott is AMAZING. So kind, gentle, holistic and a wonderful listener of the body.
– Laura B.


Must have my weekly boost

I’ve been going through a stressful time at my job and it appears in tightness and pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back. After an adjustment, I can feel everything open up and relax so that my body can again heal itself. Dr Scott is amazing in teaching me the things I need to do to help myself and it’s working. I highly recommend Dr. Scott. He is great!
– Trudy G G.


Thank you, Dr. Scott!

Who knew chiropractic adjustments could help in so many ways? I had some old issues with falls and a more recent serious fall as well as a worsening heart murmur. In a very short time with Dr. Scott, I am beginning to feel 20 years younger as the old injuries are no longer holding me back. Wow!
– Linda M.


Supports Personal Work

Scott’s work with the alignment of my back coincides with the energetic alignment I am focusing on in my spiritual and emotional life. He is able to support me with complete safety, and I am able then to let go of restrictions I held in my body, my mind, and my heart. He encourages clients to do our part of the work by taking an honest look at our nutrition, exercise, stretching, posture, and overall well-being. He does not rush the body to find alignment; he encourages the shifts, and it takes time, but we didn’t get here in one day, and the healing takes place in layers. Come ready to let go of the burdens you’ve been carrying; your back, neck, and shoulders are tired of the unnecessary load!
– Peg M.


gifted truly gifted!

If I could work with Scott now I certainly would. Texas is too far Tennessee. He not only has the knowledge and technique, he truly has the Healing Touch. I have worked with several dozen practitioners through the years, by far Scott is the most gifted I’ve ever experienced.beyond that I found him to be very genuine and kind. if you live close enough to him to work with him, you are blessed.
– Melissa W.


Great Job!

I feel better every time I go to Dr. Scott. I would recommend LifeLight to anyone.
– Grant G.


Excellent place of healing and wellness

Dr. Scott is a treat to work with. He is personable and truly makes me feel that he always has my best interest in mind. He is very knowledgeable and has helped me in my journey to wellness! I feel great physically and emotionally and Dr. Scott has played a big part in that!
– Justin S.


can’t wait for Tuesdays

I look forward to my “table” time every Tuesday. Dr. Scott is very thorough in his adjustments to me, gives an all-over re-alignment—then treats specific areas where I might be having a challenge. I had a bad neck adjustment many years ago. Building on the work of his predecessor, Dr. Scott has gently helped me relax and trust the work he does on my neck. It feels so much better than it has for many years. I wholeheartedly endorse Scott and his holistic approach to body care. He is a good chiropractor and a good man. I am happy that he made his way to our part of the world.
– Lyn F.


Amazing healing abilities!

Dr. Scott Vautrin is one of the most amazing chiropractors I have ever experienced! He has a true gift of healing. He is dedicated, skilled, intuitive, and gifted! My back feels so much better now. I feel like he really brought my health back to life and I was educated in the process. I highly, highly recommend his services! Thank you so much Dr. Vautrin! You are the best!
– Angela M.


The pathway to self-healing

Prior to seeing Dr. Scott i had had negative experiences with chiropractic care; however, after only one adjustment with Dr. Scott everything changed. Not only did he meet my body where it was, he showed me that I held the key to my own healing.. His hands know where my body needs work and his amazing adjustments facilitate the healing from within. … Truly life changing.
– Susan O.


the wrights

fantastic care and solved the problems for self and wife GREAT DR GREAT MAN


Intuitive and Skilled

Scott is an intuitive and skilled practitioner — he combines many approaches to address my unique challenges. I had experienced body aches, spasms, joint problems, and more throughout my life, but never understood why. Scott identified the problem accurately and helped me to understand how to better care for my body’s unique needs. I can’t recommend him highly enough!
– Elise F.


You are a blessing to our community. I appreciate you facilitating health and well being. I always have a great adjustment, and on the table experience. I appreciate your knowledge and kindness and the subtle way you bring my attention to things my body is experiencing and ways to help. Things I need to be aware of and do better with. MY ADJUSTMENT is my gift to myself and my committment to staying healthy…Thank you and I do always recommend you.
– Judy D.


Always a wonderful, releasing experience!

I always feel so much better when I take the time to see Dr. Scott on a regular basis. He unlocked my neck/spine, releasing me from much discomfort and increase my agility. He is very gifted at chiropractic care. I TOTALLY recommend him to anyone (even if you don’t realize you are having problems!)
– Rhonda G.


Miss MY doc!

Its been a while since I have been to a chiropractor. Why?? Well… Scott was one of the best, intuitive, kind, and generous Holistic Chiropractor and since He has moved his shoes have been too big to be filled. I really Wish he would come back. I would recommend Him to anyone! He really has a kind heart and cares about you! Hope you all take advantage of him being in your area, I know I am really missing having a great Chiropractor I know I can trust.
– Melinda V.


Scott is a very gentle chiropractor. He treated me for many years in Utah. I would highly recommend him for care.
– QueenJean O.


Quality care

I like how Scott mixes traditional chiropractic techniques with modern equipment. I always felt comfortable in his office. I wish I didn’t live so far away! Highly recommended.
– Kara W.


Wonderful Chiropractic

Dr. Scott is a wonderful chiropractor that truly cares about the people that come to see him. He listens and takes the time to answer any questions I have. His adjustments are great. He adjusts in a way that is not painful and I always feel better when I leave. I most definitely recommend LifeLight Chiropractic!
– Gale W.

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